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Whether you choose a new or a used office chair, we believe choosing the correct seating is important. Bad posture caused by using the wrong office chair could cause more problems than it solves.

  • One design office chairs do not fit everybody.
  • The mechanism within each chair suits different back conditions.
  • The correct chair will also be determined by your desk height.
  • The size and shape of your body requires a chair of specific dimensions and adjustments.
  • Working postures and habits can differ significantly among people - the correct chair will impact on working practice.
  • Second hand office chairs must still maintain a sufficient level comfort and support.

The right chair is the one that fits your company's style, ergonomic requirements, employee needs and budget.

It's not just office seating and your own staff that needs to be taken into consideration either; if you require reception seating or waiting room chairs you also have you those visiting your location to take into consideration.

We have literally hundreds of new and used chairs and seating options, available to suit different heights and body weights, from economy operator budget entry level chairs starting at £25.00 to severe 24 hour usage at over £400.00.

Current New & Used Chairs And Seating For Sale