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The Project

LAM have been given the opportunity to work with csr eco solutions to enable and provide their corporate clients with the most sustainable outcomes for the decommissioning of the no longer needed (NLN) corporate assets. This engagement, Re-Purpose, enables LAM and their corporate clients to experience the triple bottom line benefits that can only be achieved through csr eco solutions programs. The information is this document deals specifically and only with the redundant assets described in the existing RFI.

Program Value

  • Re-Purpose recovers and delivers back to clients the complete value trapped with the clients no longer needed assets. Through a multiple stage approach, the complete liquid, social and environmental values trapped within these no longer needed assets are recovered and delivered back to the client. In so doing we provide the maximum financial benefit to the client, the maximum economic benefit to the social fabric of the community in which the client operates, as well as the maximum environmental benefit to both the local and global communities. Registered charities and non-profit organizations are benefited with assets they could never afford and the assets contribute to better service as well as create greater social reach.
  • csr eco solutions deliver internal and external PR that can be directed through Communications and HR departments to ensure maximum benefit and visibility to the all stakeholders.
  • csr eco solutions provide the maximum relief to the global environment. It is a direct relief to the environment by permanently diverting the tonnage from landfill and saving the planet from the CO2 and Methane (which is 23 times more destructive to the environment than CO2) that would be created from allowing this product to enter a landfill. No other process can ensure permanent diversion.
  • Re-Purpose provide the greatest economic value to the client. Any items which hold a liquid value are sold. csr eco solutions completely manages the transaction(s) on behalf of our clients and delivers 100% of the funds recovered back to our clients. Further, although csr eco solutions will not attribute a specific dollar value to the comfort and service it provides, if clients were to quantify the true value of the reporting, the internal/ external PR, the value of a Lunch and Learn and the true cost savings achieved through a completely managed project, it's clear Re-Purpose provides by far the most economically viable solutions for redundant corporate assets.
  • Many Re-Purpose clients have suggested that the greater value is the knowledge that the organization has "honoured, even surpassed the corporate CSR (Corporate social Responsibility) and ECO (Environmental) commitments."

How does it all work?


Engaging Re-Purpose enables the corporate client to realize the “Triple bottom line” benefits from honouring the corporate CSR and Eco commitments and doing the right thing. Repurposing no longer needed facilities’ furniture, equipment and supply assets through the program will achieve a number of positive Social, Environmental and Economic goals -becoming more important in today’s increasingly value-conscious business and professional communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Re-Purpose helps clients recover the value locked within no longer needed (NLN) assets. We redirect their no longer needed facility assets; avoiding landfill disposition, recover any liquid value, then redistributes those remaining no longer needed (NLN) facilities assets to charities, under-equipped schools and health care facilities as well as recognised Not For Profits (NFP) on behalf of our clients, recovering and returning to the client the liquid, social and environmental value. In the process we deliver positive internal and external PR that contributes to and demonstrates each client’s HR, CSR, Environmental, Team Building and Philanthropic initiatives.

Typically, repurposed assets are channelled in the following manner:

All items which hold a liquid value are positioned then offered for liquidation. This process ensures the maximum exposure for your items of value as they are offered equally to the entire liquidation channel ensuring not only maximum exposure but also that the maximum dollars are recovered for the saleable items. All, 100% of the dollars recovered are delivered back to the corporate client to ensure that the client receives the most cost effective solutions possible.

Once we have maximised the value of the saleable items, we move on to repurposing to thoroughly vetted charities and not-for-profit organisations. The proprietary csr eco solutions system delivers the maximum value to the community as well as the maximum tax benefit back to our client.

All soft seating is grouped with suitable tables and lamps to form living room groupings. These “Kits” will be forwarded to a network of local Halfway Houses, Youth Centres, Early Release Programs and Shelters, Habitat for Humanity and through them to needy individuals and families as personal belongings.

Shelving units, seating, workstations, case goods and office supplies are distributed locally to family based and educational program recipients. Electronic equipment, while difficult for companies to deal with appropriately, is very much included in our repurposing process. Again, demand for this category is high due to the strong desire to access the internet.

Our csr eco solutions team has established relationships with local charities on four continents as well as grass roots groups interested in benefiting with special attention focused on family based, community and educational programs. As this is a completely transparent process, clients are encouraged to recommend preferred groups and charities as potential beneficiaries. Every attempt is made to follow any previous history of donation our clients have established. Veterans and Aboriginal based charities are being paid special attention too.

Any items that are damaged, broken or beyond their useful life are recycled to BEP (best environmental practise) ensuring that LAM recovers and delivers the full environmental value of these no longer needed assets to our clients.

The reporting documents provided through csr eco solutions provide a clear line of sight to the beneficiaries of this program. These reports are auditable and easy to follow. Project reporting includes copies of scale tickets, recycle tickets as well as certificates of recycle and certificates of destruction for any IT items clients may need to track

Internal/ External Public Relations

csr eco solutions have developed multiple individual internal and external PR plans for clients. Through the clients Communications Department an email blast will ensure that every stakeholder within the organisation is aware that the choice has been made to implement its CSR policy by engaging the Re-Purpose program. Customised internal email campaigns and custom storyboards can be placed in communal areas of the building to engage the staff and the working community within the client’s business, to alert them of the leadership position and the sustainable path chosen. After project completion “Lunch and Learns” enable clients to drive home the tangible benefits achieved.

Environmental Impact

csr eco solutions will clearly demonstrate the Environmental benefits of diverting these no longer needed (NLN) facility assets from landfill. Upon completion of the project csr eco solutions will deliver a PROJECT REPORT which includes the REPURPOSING STREAM ANALYSIS (RSA) that documents the entire process. This document includes the total tonnage diverted from landfill and identifies product recipients. The report meets Global Management Standards, is easily audited and identifies the complete inventory of product received by the csr eco solutions and the appraised “Fair Market Value” of these goods. This fair market value is the basis from which the tax receipt will be valued. Clients have attached our reports to quarterly and annual reports.

Many clients circulate the reports as evidence and validation of the corporate CSR and Environmental initiative as well as when applying for/ registering LEED points.

LEED has provision for providing points for using csr eco solutions. Points can be awarded in more than one category.

csr eco solutions frequently addresses client stakeholders at the completion of a major project to inform them of the positive outcomes – social, environmental and economic – derived from the services csr eco solutions provides.

Economic Benefit

In addition to the environmental and social benefits, clients benefit economically as well. Removal costs are competitive with what a client would experience if simply removing and forwarding the product to landfill. Considering the wide array of additional benefits derived from the Re-Purpose program, clients feel well served by the fee paid. When clients consider the holistic costs of any other method of dealing with these no longer required facilities assets, Re-Purpose immediately becomes the most economically viable solution for dealing with redundant assets. Further, in a great many cases Re-Purpose delivers a substantial taxable benefit unavailable through any other means of disposition.

Important to note:

1. LAM assumes responsibility for all products on site

2. Any residual product that can not be redistributed will be recycled through our RMP system in accordance with the best current environmental practices.

3. These efforts will be quantified and outlined in our reporting back to your team enabling you to demonstrate the corporate commitment to CSR as well as the environment.

We thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this project and are happy to discuss any of the details your team may feel pertinent. LAM can provide a complete cost comparison based three options – Straight Disposal, Liquidation and the programs provided by csr eco solutions.